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BodyTone Inspires Glowing Endorsement from SkinCare Physicians

At Rohrer Aesthetics, we stand by the quality of our devices. Every system we design addresses the needs and concerns of physicians and aesthetic practitioners, as we ensure our devices are affordable and effective for a quick return on investment. If you’ve ever purchased one of our products, you know that we prioritize customer satisfaction and service as well. You don’t have to just take our word for it; many physicians, surgeons, and aestheticians have offered glowing reviews of our products in our Dear Doctor: Laser Q&A series. 

Most recently, Dr. Thomas E. Rohrer of SkinCare Physicians in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, gave his endorsement for our BodyTone body contouring machine. Here’s what he had to say about our muscle-toning system. 

March 29, 2021

I have personally had the opportunity to try all of the muscle toning systems currently on the market in the United States and am a firm believer in the technology. Our patients and our staff have had a great experience with the BodyTone from Rohrer Aesthetics (no personal relation to me). 

The system is easy to use, and after a series of 30-minute treatments (twice a week for 3-weeks), the BodyTone has built both muscle mass as well as functional strength. We have seen noticeable differences in the abdomen, thighs, arms, and buttocks. One of the nice things about this device is that it includes 8 applicators, which allows us to treat multiple areas in a single setting. 

Like most people, I always consider the price of the system when purchasing an aesthetic device. The BodyTone is a high-quality, cost-effective unit. It is priced so that most practices should be able to realize a return on their investment in a shorter period of time than any of the other similar devices out there. I also like the fact that the only consumable for the BodyTone is the $3.00 gel pads that cover the applicator!

While Mark Rohrer (the owner of Rohrer Aesthetics) and I share the same last name, we are not related, and I do not own any interest in his company. I just appreciate the fact that Mark and Rohrer Aesthetics provide affordable energy-based devices that help our patients achieve the results they desire and, at the same time, help us increase our practice revenue. 

The BodyTone provides a safe and effective treatment for improving muscle mass and functional strength. The BodyTone and Rohrer Aesthetics have my full endorsement.

All my best, 


Thomas E. Rohrer, MD

SkinCare Physicians

Chestnut Hill, MA

Learn More About the BodyTone and Other Affordable Body Toning Devices from Rohrer Aesthetics

At Rohrer Aesthetics, we offer affordable laser technology so our customers can realize a quick return on their investment. For years, we have built a reputation for providing affordable, high-quality, and reliable products in addition to excellent customer service. Let us be a partner in building success for your aesthetics practice. Contact the experts at Rohrer Aesthetics to learn more about adding a body toning device to your offerings.

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