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Energy-Based Aesthetic Device FAQs

Rohrer Aesthetics has specifically developed a portfolio of products to provide solutions to practices that cover over 90% of the top procedures sought out by patients in the US. Every creative choice we make is tailored to what patients have asked for and want from their practitioners. Best of all, our innovative, industry-disrupting device offerings are available at cost-effective prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In 2020, $16.7 billion was spent on cosmetic procedures in the U.S. For over a decade, laser hair removal held strong as one of the top five minimally-invasive cosmetic choices, with over 1 million procedures performed annually. However, according to new research statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the popularity of laser skin resurfacing and intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments has grown in recent years. Now, laser skin resurfacing and IPL photofacials are among the top five minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures, with each seeing approximately 1 million procedures annually. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid reshaping, is also among the top five cosmetic surgical procedures in the country.

Since its inception, Rohrer Aesthetics has listened closely to the needs of the medical aesthetic community. Our product portfolio provides solutions and applications for the most popular procedures. By utilizing proven technology, we meet the demand for these treatments with innovative multifunctional devices that will delight your clients with visible results.

The incisional handpiece of the Pixel8 Pro and the Phoenix is suitable for safe and effective laser blepharoplasty, while the Spectrum’s multi-platform workstation includes four lasers and an IPL. For other energy-based skin resurfacing applications, check out the Phoenix, PiXel8-RF, Pixel8 Pro, and PicoLazer.

The answer to this question really depends on how much traffic your practice sees, as well as the size of your space. Of course, our goal is to grow with you! We recommend starting off with one multifunctional device and adding more as demand increases. 

Our products are backed by years of industry experience and designed with the intention to meet the needs of today’s client base. Many of our aesthetic medical devices bundle different technologies to give you more procedural offerings and help you diversify your treatments. For more information about device features and suggested quantities, speak with a local Rohrer sales rep.

Yes! We offer a wide variety of customizable financing options for all devices, tailored to each individual practice and their needs. Our pricing transparency is what sets us apart from the competition. We’ve stripped away all hidden fees, and we offer our aesthetic medical devices at unprecedented price points. With same-day approvals, competitive rates, and low monthly payments, you can rely on Rohrer for the financial tools and knowledge you need to grow your business.

Financing does not impact Rohrer warranties or guarantees. We do not offer leasing options.

Yes! We are proud to say all Rohrer Aesthetics products come with a 1 year warranty.  To explore all the unique advantages offered by Rohrer Aesthetics, contact a sales representative today!

Yes! Support and training are available for every purchase you make from Rohrer Aesthetics. We do all we can to get you up and running, ready to confidently provide cutting-edge aesthetic treatments. Our clinical team goes on site and trains everyone in the practice from a hands-on, clinical didactic perspective. Beyond initial training, additional training sessions are also available for purchase if you’d like a refresher or if you hire a new aesthetician/technician later. For more information, speak to your local Rohrer sales rep.

Make sure your portfolio meets the demands of your clients! Rohrer Aesthetics devices are developed to provide solutions to practices that cover over 90% of treatments sought by patients in the U.S. One device could be sufficient, but it all depends on traffic. Many of our multifunctional aesthetic medical devices bundle different technologies to give you more procedural offerings and help you diversify your practice from the outset.

For new practices, we generally recommend investing in our “Practice Kick-Starter Duo”: the Spectrum and the PiXel8-RF, our two most popular devices. As mentioned above, energy-based skin resurfacing treatments and IPL photofacials are in high demand, and the Spectrum and PiXel8-RF are the perfect solutions.

Rohrer Aesthetics is your one-stop shop for all of the devices your practice needs to get started, build, and grow. When you contact a Rohrer sales rep, we collaborate with you to develop solutions tailored to each individual practice and its needs.

Rohrer stands behind their products. While we don’t offer pre-purchase demos, we do offer unique and convenient options to help you experience the devices that interest you most in action. For further information, please contact a sales representative to learn more.

Innovative Aesthetic Medical Solutions from Rohrer Aesthetics

Rohrer Aesthetics is committed to delivering affordable alternatives while exceeding clinical expectations. Our multifunctional devices are built for easy transport, maintenance, and set-up. It is our goal to offer a complete and comprehensive portfolio of solutions to practices so they won’t need to source other modalities.

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