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Energy-based treatments

2022 Trends: Top 3 Energy-Based Aesthetic Treatments to Increase Revenue

With the aesthetic laser market on a heightened growth path, the time has never been better to be a part of the profitable aesthetic laser market. Over the next five years, the global aesthetic laser device market is expected to register a CAGR of over 16 percent. Talk about an impressive rate of return!

According to extensive industry research, the demand for these treatments is soaring with no sign of deceleration. To fully take advantage of this growth rate, aesthetic practices need to prepare to meet the demand for the most popular and profitable energy-based treatments.

Get ready for laser market growth

Source: Fortune Business Insights

Top-Trending Energy-Based Treatments for 2022

The global aesthetic laser and energy devices market is projected to reach over $6 billion by 2026. To reap the benefits of this heightened growth, aesthetic practices should invest in the following most-demanded treatments. 

Laser Hair Removal | $44,994,462 in 2020 Revenue

Year after year, the most demanded laser treatment remains laser hair removal. While standard laser hair removal sessions typically aren’t the most expensive treatment, the highly-demanded treatment option provides a consistent and lucrative business revenue.

Skin Resurfacing | $139,100,799 in 2020 Revenue

The demand for non-surgical facial rejuvenation is heightened as consumers become more beauty-conscious. Surgical options, such as a facelift, are no longer the first response to aging skin. Instead, facial rejuvenation treatments such as RF microneedling, IPL (intense pulsed light), CO2 laser, and Erbium laser resurfacing have increased in popularity for patients of all ages.

Skin Tightening and Fat Reduction | $245,364,696.00 in 2020 Revenue

The technology for fat reduction and skin tightening has significantly developed over recent years. Pairing the advancements in technology with a more body-conscious, aging demographic, the time for investing in non-invasive muscle toning devices has never been better. From simple home devices to laser lipo, non-invasive skin tightening and fat reduction procedures are a “must” for consumers.

U.S. Aesthetic Lasers Market, by Application, 2013–2024 (USD Million)

Bar chart of U.S. Aesthetic Lasers Market by Application, 2013-2024

Source: Grandview Research

Is Your Practice Ready For These Growing Trends?

As more and more clients prefer noninvasive energy-based treatments over surgical procedures, it’s a critical time to invest in quality aesthetic devices to provide these highly-demanded treatments.

The Spectrum | $74,995

Rohrer Spectrum

One of the best-selling devices from Rohrer Aesthetics, the Spectrum is a powerful and efficient device that provides impressive results to clients with straightforward, high-margin treatments. With the Spectrum, you receive a user-friendly, cost-effective, and high-speed laser hair removal 810-Diode, along with a versatile IPL system, tattoo removal, Long Pulsed Yag, and Erbium Yag laser for skin resurfacing.

Pixel8 Pro | $89,995

Rohrer Pixel8 Pro

The Pixel8 Pro combines two state-of-the-art platforms into one cohesive, profitable system ideal for skin resurfacing treatments. With the Pixel8 Pro’s CO2 laser system, you can effectively treat pigmented lesions, skin tags, rhinophyma, and much more. In addition, this device also includes a powerful, minimally-invasive RF microneedling system, providing excellent results for patients wanting to reduce acne, wrinkles, and fine lines, and enhance smooth, beautiful skin.                   

BodySculp  | $69,995

Rohrer Bodysculp

Specifically created for patients who want to avoid liposuction surgery, BodySculp’s treatment reduces stubborn fat without harming the skin or surrounding tissue. The BodySculp’s fat reduction procedure is safe and effective while being as comfortable as possible for patients. Paired with the BodyTone, this device creates long-lasting results for patients and steady revenue streams for aesthetic practices.

BodyTone  | $69,995

Rohrer BodyTone

With the BodyTone, you can offer quick 30-minute muscle enhancing treatments that patients will rave about—and that will quickly increase the return on investment for your aesthetics practice. This non-invasive procedure will tone and tighten the muscles by stimulating muscle growth, creating up to a 30% increase in muscle development.

Start 2022 Off Right with Rohrer Aesthetics

Rohrer Aesthetics has built a reputation for providing affordable, high-quality, and reliable products backed by excellent customer service. With flexible financing options for all our devices, we’re excited to partner with you to build the aesthetics practice you’ve always envisioned. 

Contact the experts at Rohrer Aesthetics today to learn more.

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