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Multi-Platform Devices Are MedSpa Must-Haves

Med Spa Must Haves: Multi-Platform Aesthetic Devices

If you want to add an energy-based device to your new or existing aesthetic practice, you want to explore all your options. As you research the perfect equipment for your business goals, you’re likely to find many attractive treatments competing for clients’ attention. One way to maximize your service offerings—and earning potential—is to invest in a multi-platform aesthetic device from Rohrer Aesthetics innovative aesthetic device company.

What is a multi-platform aesthetic device? It’s a mobile, convenient, and space-saving workstation that combines the treatment modes of one or more standalone devices. That means you get multiple technologies for one affordable price.

Let’s talk about multi-platform aesthetic devices and how they can transform your practice.

Standalone Machine or Multi-Platform Workstation?

In the past, standalone devices had a reputation for being “workhorses” that were more specialized and robust than multi-platform workstations. The thinking went like this: because standalone devices are purpose-built for one application, they perform better than any multi-purpose device could.

Today, multi-platform aesthetic devices are just as sophisticated, robust, and versatile as their individual components. These versatile workstations are safe, effective, and reliable, adding an incredible amount of functionality to your practice. With a multi-platform device, you can capitalize on a range of the latest beauty trends. Plus, you’re empowered to develop combination therapies for individual patients based on their unique skin type and goals.

Multi-platform aesthetic devices give you the flexibility to customize and diversify your treatment offerings, ultimately boosting your bottom line. 

Benefits of Adding a Multi-Platform Workstation to Your Practice

Adding an aesthetic device to your practice is a significant investment in your success. As you’re examining your business goals and deciding on the best equipment for you, consider the benefits of choosing a multi-platform device:

  • More capabilities & services: when you offer a broad spectrum of treatments, you automatically expand your patient base
  • Cost-effective use of capital: you can purchase one multifunction device for a fraction of the sum of several standalone devices
  • Space-saving: maximize your office space with one mobile device that offers low transition time between treatments
  • Flexibility: multi-platform devices mean you can offer customizable treatments that allow you to account for patient individuality

Choosing the Best Multi-Platform Aesthetic Device

The Spectrum: 4 Lasers + IPL | $74,995

Rohrer Spectrum Multi-Platform Aesthetic DeviceRohrer’s Spectrum packs four unique lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) into one extremely convenient, mobile workstation. This device is one of our most popular for practitioners just starting in the world of aesthetic treatments. However, any practice can benefit from the powerful array of treatment modalities that the Spectrum is capable of.

With the Spectrum, you can expand your laser-based service menu to include:

  • Photofacial, pigmented lesions, and acne reduction with IPL
  • Permanent hair removal with 810 Diode Laser
  • Vascular lesions (spider veins, cherry angioma, and more) with Long Pulsed YAG laser
  • Skin resurfacing for the face, neck, chest, and hands with Erbium YAG laser
  • Tattoo removal with Q-Switched YAG/KTP laser

The PiXel8 Pro: CO2 Laser + RF Microneedling | $89,995

Rohrer Pixel8 Pro Multi-Platform Aesthetic DeviceRohrer’s newest innovation is the PiXel8 Pro. This workstation combines two of our most sought-after devices: the Phoenix CO2 Laser system and the PiXel8-RF Radio Frequency Microneedling system. With the PiXel8 Pro, you are situated to capitalize on two of the most in-demand treatment modalities on the market today. 

Aesthetic laser therapy and RF microneedling can be offered as separate services or combination therapy. With this comprehensive workstation for skin rejuvenation, you can offer whatever your client base needs:

  • Skin tightening for the face, hands, and neck
  • Texture improvement, including crepey skin treatment
  • Acne scar reduction
  • Fractional resurfacing for a variety of skin conditions
  • Women’s wellness
  • Laser blepharoplasty and other pore shrinking treatments

Get More with Rohrer Aesthetics

With years of market research and experience in aesthetic medical device sales, Rohrer Aesthetics is constantly innovating in the energy-based aesthetic device market. We seek new ways to offer affordable, high-quality, and reliable products to the aesthetic community. We’re excited to partner with you to build the aesthetics practice you’ve always envisioned. For flexible financing options, special offers, and unmatched customer service, contact the experts at Rohrer Aesthetics today to learn more.

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