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Event Planning

Event Promotion Marketing Checklist

  1. Bringing in new customers to your local business can have its challenges, but hosting a local event for your business is the perfect opportunity to do so. If your business is holding a grand opening, having a product or procedure promotion, or introducing new products and services, consider event marketing.

    There are many potential benefits offered by events, including increasing sales, brand exposure and helping you reach a target audience. Below is a guide to help you set up your event marketing strategy:


  1. Add the event details to your practice’s website.

    – You’d be surprised how many practices forget to do this step! We recommend adding details into a banner/prime viewing space on your website homepage.

  2. Create an event registration page so people can RSVP to your event.

    – We recommend either creating a new form on your website, or using an event software like Eventbrite or TicketBud. Make sure you collect each registrant’s email and phone number so you can send them event reminder communications!

  3. Create print materials (invitations, flyers, etc.) with event details.

    – You can pass out these materials in your office, along with dropping them off at local business or other community locations. We also recommend that you encourage your employees to spread the word using these print materials as well!

  4. Post an introductory social post announcing the event on your socials.

    – It’s important to spread the word of your event as soon as possible on social media.

    Pro tip: add your event registration link to your bio on Instagram to allow for easy sign up.

  5. Send out an email/text blast introducing your event to your customer database.

    – Along with trying to garner new interest in your event, it’s important to keep your current customers informed as well. Make sure you link your event registration page in the texts and emails you send so people can sign up easily!


  1. Continue to post on social media about event details.

    – As you get closer to the event, use your social media posts to explain the event itinerary, any event specials, discounts, or fun giveaways, etc. It’s important for event attendees to know what they can expect!

  2. Send out a second email/text to your customer database list to reintroduce the event and provide more details.

    – Everyone’s emails are jammed packed these days, so it’s important to send multiple emails about your event leading up to the big day! More emails (but not too many, of course) equals more chances for your customers to open the message, get enticed, click to the event sign up page, and RSVP.

  3. Send out a reminder email/text to event registrants.

    – Getting someone to RSVP to your event is only the first step to assuring their attendance! It’s important to keep your event at the top of event registrants’ minds through sending event reminders that reiterate the event date, and provide more event details.


  1.  Post a one-week-out post to your socials.

    – Not only will this post give you another chance to explain your event, but it begins a “countdown” of sorts to nail the event date into people’s minds!

  2.  Send a one-week-out email/text to customer database.

    – Similar to the social post, this email/text is another opportunity to reach out to your audience about the event.

  3. Send a reminder email/text to event registrants.

    – It’s important to continually communicate with your event registrants as the event inches closer! This reminding ensures the best RSVP-to-attendance retention as possible! Also, you have any, now’s a good time to make any final enticing announcements related to the event.


    1. (OPTIONAL) Call event registrants to book appointments.

      – Does your event require registrants to book specific times on event day to get treatments? Use this week to call event registrants to get those appointments squared away. This form of direct communication is great to up-sell your brand and services, and to cement someone’s attendance at the event.

    2. Hype up the event on social media.

      – Are you setting up for the event early? Is extra product or equipment being brought on site? Use these moments as additional avenues to advertise your event on social! Showing people visual examples of what they can expect day-of can creates excitement, and oftentimes leads to last-minute RSVPs!


  1. Post a “see you tomorrow!” post on social media.

    – At this point, you aren’t encouraging explicit event RSVPs as much as you are encouraging those last few stragglers to decide to show up on event day. Make sure you make clear that anyone and everyone is welcome, whether they RSVPed or not!

  2. Send one final email/text to your customer database.

    – It’s important to advertise to your current customers all the way up to event day! Along with reiterating event details, in these final communications, we encourage you to include images or videos of what the event space looks like, etc. This final burst of excitement could pull in those last few interested customers on event day!

  3. Send a reminder email/text to event registrants.

    – Of all reminder communications, this one is probably the most important. Pro tip: in this communication, especially over text, we encourage you to ask registrants to confirm their attendance (i.e. “respond YES if we’ll see you tomorrow!”). This will work to give you a rough headcount, while forcing registrants to cement their plans for the next day.


  1. Send out one final text to your customer base.

    – No need to send an email at this point. This one final effort to those who haven’t RSVPed is in hopes you can catch a couple local customers who decide on a whim to stop by.

  2. Send out one final reminder text/email blast to event registrants.

    – If you can’t send out both a text and an email, prioritize the text blast. As with yesterday’s reminder, we recommend you ask for confirmation from your attendees (i.e. “We’re excited to see you today! Reply YES to confirm.”) Be sure to send out any final exciting event sneak peeks or details!

  3. Post one final post on social media.

    – This last social effort before the event will, again, hopefully catch a couple local customers who decide on a whim to stop by. You can also post on Instagram/Facebook stories as well!


    1. Be active on social!

      – It’s time to hype up the event! Don’t be shy to post on Facebook or Instagram stories as the event is going on. Not only will be result in great content for your social pages, but it’ll spark engagement on multiple fronts—both from those who attended, and those who didn’t but wish they did! This kind of content will work to spark hype for future events to come! Pro tip: be sure to tag any relevant accounts in what you post. This will encourage those accounts to repost your content to their audiences!


  1. Send a recap/”sorry we missed you” email to customers who weren’t able to attend.

    – Once an event is over, the follow up process is imperative, especially for those who didn’t attend. Use the content from event day to recap event happenings, and share any news about specials that might extend beyond event day. If anything, this email will work to build excitement about any future events you host.

  2. Send a thank you text/email to event registrants.

    – To cement customer retention post sale day, it’s important to reach out to event registrants (regardless if they actually made it to the event or not) and thank them! Along with recapping the event, you can use this communications to share any news about specials that might extend beyond event day.

  3. Create some recap content for social media.

    – With all of the event day content now in your arsenal, it’s now time to create some recap posts! We recommend creating a mix of image and video posts highlighting the event. Additionally, don’t forget to include any news about specials that might extend beyond event day.

    Pro tip: create an Instagram Reel from your video footage! To compete with TikTok, Instagram is favoring Reels in their algorithm to boost engagement and visibility. Posting a Reel could very well help to get more eyes on your event and business!