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Rohrer Aesthetics Named Among Top Companies in Global CO2 Skin Laser Scanning Machines Market

Rohrer Aesthetics is honored to be one of the “Top Companies in the Global CO2 Skin Laser Scanning Machines Market” in a recent Marketing Insights Report published by QY Research. We’ve made it our mission to ensure all of our products, including our CO2 laser resurfacing devices, are affordable, high-quality, and reliable while providing excellent service to our customers. Our Phoenix CO2 Laser System is one of the most recommended lasers we offer, and it’s for a good reason—this laser system is multi-purpose, reliable, and delivers fantastic results!


With the Phoenix CO2 Laser System, you can gently remove uneven pigmentation and reduce fine lines and coarse wrinkles. Depending on which handpiece is attached, the Phoenix can cut, coagulate, and vaporize soft tissue, plus rejuvenate for women’s health. Like many Rohrer devices, our CO2 laser offers multiple functions in one device without sacrificing power. 

Multi-purpose Incisional Handpiece with CO2 Laser

As the incisional handpiece cuts, the laser energy vaporizes and thickens, causing the patient less bleeding, bruising, and swelling with minimal or no discomfort and a faster recovery. 

Laser Blepharoplasty: A laser blepharoplasty is a simple and elegant procedure for excising excess skin around the upper and lower eyelids. The laser energy vaporizes and coagulates as it cuts so that there is less bleeding, bruising, and swelling, with minimal discomfort and a shorter recuperation period. 

Wart removal: With the incisional handpiece, technicians can use the CO2 laser to vaporize soft tissue conditions like warts and skin tags with minimal bleeding and no downtime. The Phoenix CO2 laser treatment for warts removes both the head and the root of the wart, vaporizing the wart with high energy and coagulating its blood supply without causing damage to surrounding tissue. 

rejuVAnate Hand Piece for Women’s Health

Millions of women suffer the frustrating yet common conditions of vaginal dryness, itching, and burning. Technicians can utilize the Phoenix CO2 laser treatment to improve vaginal conditions, such as painful intercourse, issues with vaginal lubrication, and urinary incontinence, by providing a series of three rejuVAnate laser treatments, each lasting no more than five minutes.

Micro-Thermal Zone Scanner for Facial Rejuvenation

The Phoenix CO2 Laser Micro-Thermal Zone Scanner divides the CO2 laser beam into tiny shafts of light that penetrate the epidermis to introduce heat into the sub-dermal layers of the skin. During CO2 laser resurfacing, this heat causes skin cells to reproduce more rapidly to heal, stimulating collagen. The scanner treatment area is adjustable from 5mm up to 30mm. 

Swift Scan Enclosure for Larger Treatment Areas

Removing pigmented lesions has never been easier. Technicians can place the laser scanner into a plastic enclosure to hold while treating large areas such as the hands or arms with CO2 laser resurfacing. The target treatment area can be easily visualized by looking through the plastic window located on each enclosure side. Technicians can adjust the treatment area size accordingly to better and more quickly treat large areas.

Removing uneven pigmentation: Brown spots on the hands and arms are a sure sign of aging. With the Phoenix CO2 swift-scan enclosure, you can rejuvenate the skin and create an even skin tone with CO2 laser resurfacing so no one can tell how old your patients are by looking at their hands. 


At Rohrer, we take pride in the quality of our medical aesthetic devices and our service to our customers. If you ever have an issue with one of our machines, we will be there with parts or a replacement as it is being repaired to ensure you never have to worry about canceling an appointment. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy To Transport
  • Unique Hand Scanner
  • FDA Approved

The Phoenix is the ideal CO2 Laser System for sharing or multiple locations. The Phoenix easily separates into multiple pieces to allow for easy transportation. 

Learn More About Building Your Practice with The Industry-Leading Phoenix CO2 Laser System

At Rohrer Aesthetics, we have always offered affordable laser technology like the Phoenix so that our customers can realize a quick return on their investment and perform safe, effective CO2 laser resurfacing treatments. We have provided affordable, high-quality, and reliable products and excellent service to our customers for years. Let us be a partner in building success by adding the Phoenix CO2 Laser System to your aesthetics practice.

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