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ultralight led light therapy

How to Boost Results & Grow Your Practice with Noninvasive LED Light Therapy

Light-emitting diode (LED) light therapy is rapidly growing in popularity in aesthetic practices. By 2027, the light therapy market is expected to hold a value of 1.3 billion, according to Global Market Insights.

However, LED light therapy has proven to be more than a fad, with outstanding patient results and glowing recommendations from doctors, dermatologists, and aestheticians. There’s a reason more and more aesthetic practices are investing in this highly demanded treatment option: it’s worth it!

The UltraLight: The Best Supplemental Device for Your Aesthetics Practice

Adding a noninvasive light therapy device to your product portfolio will help you meet demand from your clients while increasing ROI for your practice. And with an UltraLight from Rohrer Aesthetics, you’re adding a top-of-the-line device from a company that you can trust.

What is the Ultralight?

The UltraLight is an efficient, affordable, and straightforward noninvasive light therapy device. With three large panels full of LED lamps and an articulating arm, you can easily treat both the face and the body. By utilizing the different wavelengths, you can target specific cellular processes that lead to incredible, therapeutic results.

The UltraLight’s stimulating LED wavelengths include:

  • UltraLight Red: When UltraLight Red 633nm is applied to the skin, it effectively stimulates collagen, promotes circulation, reduces inflammation, and enhances cellular regeneration.
  • UltraLight Green: UltraLight Green 532nm provides a calming effect on the skin while targeting skin pigmentation and dark spots. It’s also FDA cleared for a circumferential reduction on the hips, waist, and thighs.
  • UltraLight Blue: The UltraLight Blue 415nm targets the skin’s oil glands to help eliminate and reduce acne. 

By pairing these LED wavelengths, you can achieve impressive results for a variety of skin conditions.

Benefits of a Noninvasive LED Light Therapy Device

Noninvasive light therapy devices provide opportunities for enhanced patients results and a practical avenue for meeting demand. The UltraLight can be effectively paired with any Rohrer Aesthetics device, creating opportunities for greater patient satisfaction and heightened revenue.

With an Ultralight, you can:

  • Deliver versatile treatments for all patients and all skin types!
  • Offer an enhancing supplement to any aesthetic treatment
  • Stimulate cellular activity before aesthetics procedure
  • Calm and prevent post-procedure redness
  • Provide a noninvasive treatment option with no downtime or discomfort and significant results
  • Increase ROI with an affordable and quick procedure

Ultimately, including a noninvasive light therapy device in your aesthetics practice’s treatments provides attainable and measurable successes for both you and your clients.

Learn more about building and growing your practice with Rohrer Aesthetics

At Rohrer Aesthetics, we offer affordable, versatile laser technology so our customers can realize a quick return on their investment. 

For years, we have built a reputation for providing affordable, high-quality, and reliable products in addition to excellent customer service. Let us partner with you in building success by adding our laser treatment devices to your aesthetics practice.

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