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PicoLazer review

The PicoLazer tattoo removal and skin revitalization device is exceptionally reliable, cost-effective, and has no consumables

At Rohrer Aesthetics, we genuinely care about what our clients and professionals have to say about their experiences using our devices. In our Dear Doctor: Laser Q&A series, we give the experts an opportunity to speak to how they have built or grown their practices with us. 

Recently, we spoke with Dr. Cedeno Laurent from Houston Dermatology & Plastic Surgery about the PicoLazer tattoo removal and skin revitalization device and his experience with Rohrer Aesthetics. 

PicoLazer Capabilities and Benefits

The PicoLazer is the first affordable dual-wavelength (1064nm and 532nm) pico-second laser for effective and comfortable tattoo removal and skin revitalization treatments. This platform device is extremely versatile and provides various treatment options. 

“I use the PicoLazer every single day,” says Dr. Laurent. “We treat many skin conditions. For patients who would like scar improvement or don’t like the texture and color, we use a lot of fractional 1064 and fractional 532 to improve scars. We use a lot of 532 pico for lentigines, freckles, and lentigos. I use a lot of my 1064, both the solid piece and the fractional for melasma.” 

“So, yeah, it’s a very versatile laser. On top of that, I treat a fair amount of tattoos, and you can treat the whole gambit of colors with your device.” 

Powerful laser treatments for anti-aging and pigment:

  • Wrinkles
  • Acne Scars
  • Freckles
  • Sunspots
  • Discoloration

Customize Treatments for Any Skin Phototype with the PicoLazer

In our discussion with Dr. Laurent, he explains the many benefits he has found with the PicoLazer: “The PicoLazer has surpassed my expectations. It is really easy to use, extremely reliable, and you can customize the treatments very well.” 

The PicoLazer benefits

  • High-performance speed and comfort
  • Operates off a standard wall plug (110vac)
  • 450 picosecond pulse duration
  • Non-thermal

One of the most beneficial aspects of this device is how it can be customized to treat any phototype. 

“In my practice,” explains Dr. Laurent, “we see a lot of patients with ethnic skin. For me, it is important to have a reliable laser, especially when dealing with skin of color. The PicoLazer has been amazing because I can customize treatments for all of my patients without causing any harm. It has exceeded my expectations by far. I treat skin types 1 through 6 without hesitation.” 

Powerful PicoLazer Plugs Into Regular Wall Outlet

Another unique benefit of the PicoLazer is that it plugs into a 110 outlet. Many people wonder if they’ll be able to get enough power out of the device. 

“The power is amazing,” says Dr. Laurent. “I have never had an issue with power. So, you have the choice from a 10mm spot size down to a 2mm spot size. I’ve never used maximum energy, but it’s super powerful which is phenomenal.” 

PicoLazer Treatments and Patient Satisfaction 

Patient satisfaction is probably the most important thing you want to know about the PicoLazer. We want to ensure you can deliver the best overall patient satisfaction with excellent results every time. 

“Patients are extremely satisfied with their results,” says Dr. Laurent. “As a provider, you try to set expectations – It’s not magic,” he explains, “so it may take a few treatment sessions for them to get where they want to get. As long as you talk to them upfront about how this is going to be a process, how it’s going to take many sessions for them to see their tattoo gone, that has helped me a lot. But, in terms of delivering results, patients see a reduction in pigment strength of their tattoos after session one, which is something that is consistent across the board with picosecond technology.” 

The PicoLazer has the shortest pulse duration in the industry at 450-picosecond and can effectively break tattoo ink into particles that are easily absorbed, cutting down the number of sessions required to remove tattoos or pigmented lesions. 

The PicoLazer Offers an Incredible Return on Investment 

When it comes to purchasing a new device, we know your primary concern is about what the returns will look like, especially in this economic climate. After adding the PicoLazer to his practice, Dr. Laurent says, “I saw a return on my investment after just a couple of months.” 

He explains, “If you are established, or even if you’re just starting a practice, your multi-laser platforms are extremely valuable. The fact that you can integrate multiple different wavelengths and multiple different treatment options in a single platform without having to pay for consumables is phenomenal.” 

Dr. Cedeno Laurent’s Experience with Rohrer Customer Service

At Rohrer Aesthetics, we want to provide the best possible service. You’re going to love our products, and you’re going to love the way we take care of you after the sale even more.

Dr. Laurent describes his experience with our equipment and service: 

“Every single piece of equipment that I’ve acquired from Rohrer Aesthetics has given me the most pleasant and extremely reliable performance. It’s probably twice that I’ve had to call for technical support, but your technical support is just the greatest in the industry. You know, I have a lot of equipment. For me, being able to get a hold of somebody instantaneously and being able to do facetime, in real-time, as I look for guidance without slowing my clinic or without having to take time off from doing my treatments is phenomenal.” 

Learn more about building and growing your practice with Rohrer Aesthetics

At Rohrer Aesthetics, we offer affordable, versatile laser technology, like the PicoLazer, so our customers can realize a quick return on their investment. We have provided affordable, high-quality, and reliable products and excellent service to customers like Dr. Cedeno Laurent for years. Let us be a partner in building success by adding the PicoLazer to your aesthetics practice.

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