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It’s not a secret. Customers love our services. Have a look at some of our latest testimonials from real customers.

John H. Joseph, MD

“I have purchased the Phoenix-15 and have nothing but praise for the device. When one looks at the cost, lack of consumables, the ability to treat hands, along with the reliability and dependability of all of Mark Rohrer’s products it was an easy choice to make. I highly recommend this device for anyone entering into the arena of fractionated CO2 laser skin resurfacing.”

John H. Joseph, MD SEE MORE

Lionel D Meadows, MD, FACOG

“I have now purchased 5 lasers from Rohrer Aesthetics. The first purchase was in 2004 and that laser is still going strong with excellent results and no service calls to date. My recent choice of lasers was the Phoenix CO2 and Spectrum multiwavelength platform. This company is leading the way in providing a single platform that can legitimately treat a multitude of problems and areas. These lasers are truly the “swiss army knives” of light based therapy”

Lionel D Meadows, MD, FACOG  SEE MORE

Fred Fedok, MD, FACS

“I find the Rohrer Aesthetics sales team to be dependable and trustworthy. Professional service is always a phone call away. (Fortunately, this has been an uncommon need over the years). My clinical results are excellent and well within the acceptable standards. Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend a good look at the product line.”

Fred Fedok, MD, FACS  SEE MORE

Kim L Crosby, MD, FACS

“I am so pleased with my Spectrum laser. It’s very user friendly. The hand pieces are easy to switch out. The treatments are very well tolerated and the results we are getting have exceeded my expectations. If I need another laser I would definitely buy another Spectrum.”

Kim L Crosby, MD, FACS  SEE MORE

Roy David, MD

“I chose the Spectrum platform for my medical spa because it offered us high-speed laser hair removal along with a versatile IPL system that was easy to use and cost-effective. Add to that an effective and safe erbium laser peel and ability to perform tattoo removal, and this was an easy decision. Rohrer Aesthetics provides exceptional support. One year later, my nurses and patients are happy and so am I-this was a great purchase.”

Roy David, MD  SEE MORE

Zaher Srour, MD

“It was a pleasure dealing with Mark Rohrer. I have received a good product and reasonable pricing. I have a good support, although did not have the needs for any repairs of my devices. I would recommend his services / devices.”

Zaher Srour, MD  SEE MORE

Andrew M. Ress, M.D.

“The Rohrer Spectrum Laser has met and surpassed our expectations. This machine is the only device that houses 5 different lasers in one unit with a small footprint and reasonably priced as well. And not only is the Spectrum awesome, Rohrer provided excellent training, maintenance and repairs when needed. I feel like I have a true partnership with Rohrer. When I need lasers and other high tech devices in the future, Rohrer is by far my first stop”

Andrew M. Ress, M.D.  SEE MORE

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