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Get 4 Rohrer Devices for


*Promotion ends 05/31/23

Buy the PiXel8-RF Microneedling device + BodyTone and you will get a FREE Zimmer Cryo 6 Chiller and Handheld Ultrasound (for visualization, safety, and precision)!




Device has been rated “The Best Skin Smoothing Treatment” by Cosmopolitan 2022 Holy Grail Beauty Award

Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling is a non-surgical procedure used to smooth and tighten skin, slow the effects of aging, and address other skin texture concerns with little to no downtime.



Muscle building and body toning device

The BodyTone is a unique muscle strengthening and toning device that uses bio-lectric energy pulses to exercise different muscle groups to prevent muscle atrophy.  Through muscle re-education, the BodyTone strengthens, sculpts, and tones weak muscles, helping patients rebuild muscle mass.


Cyro 6 Chiller

State-of-the-Art Cryo Therapy

The Cryo 6 features cooled air for efficient comfort management, swelling reduction and muscle relaxation. The system enables Cryo Therapy with precise placement and at a constant dosage, every time. The device uses no consumables and delivers high power. This enables a quick decrease in superficial skin temperature, while maintaining the ability to operate all day.


Handheld Ultrasound

The best cordless color linear practical ultrasound optimized for facial aesthetics for the best price!

The Handheld Ultrasound was first to the aesthetic industry with an integrated battery, no membership fees, all day scanning, no cooling fan necessary, extra add-ons all included, no cumbersome cloud storage and full on demand CME certification training included.

See The Power of Rohrer Aesthetic Devices

Incredible results of patients before and after using a Rohrer Aesthetics device.

Rohrer Aesthetics award-winning multifunctional devices give you everything you need, right at your fingertips. RF Microneedling and Body Contouring are MUST have technologies for all aesthetic practices, especially in the Spring and Summer.


Take Your Practice to the Next Level

We’re committed to providing the financial tools and knowledge our clients need to help grow their business. That’s why we offer exclusive financing options when you purchase an aesthetic device from Rohrer Aesthetics, for all of our clients–from established aesthetic med spas to non-MD practices and start-ups.

You can rely on us to be upfront, transparent, and helpful. After all, your success is our success!

Rohrer Aesthetic’s award-winning multifunctional devices give you everything you need, right at your fingertips. Invest in one device instead of five! From microneedling and muscle stimulation to non-invasive skin tightening procedures and fat reduction, we’re here to help you do it all.

Explore the applications of our innovative aesthetic medical solutions below. Plus, with financing options, we make it easy to expand your practice’s offerings.

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