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InPulsa Caption Content Catalog

Alongside any image or video you create for social media, it’s important to couple it with strong post content! Captions you write for social media should be informative, concise, and optimized for the best engagement and visibility.

Our Social Media Content Catalog is meant to provide helpful starting points for writing social media content for treatments related to your Rohrer device(s)! Use the verbiage as is, or let it be a jumping off point to writing your own!

  1. Column TYPE – Select the post type (Product Introduction, Blog, Article, Facts, Press Release, Award, Before/ After, Product info, Promo, Event)
  2. Column, CONTENT – Copy and paste post content onto your social media page. Be sure to remove placeholder content in the brackets and replace with correct content, include link to the appropriate page you are directing users to.


Content Type


The InPulsa is a radial pressure pulse therapy system that offers:
improved blood flow (all areas of the body)
Plantar fasciitis
Cell growth
Inflammation reduction
Collagen production
Tennis elbow (tendonitis)
Connective tissue injury
Increased growth factors
Reduction of calcification and fibrosis
Pain mitigation
To learn more about what this device treats, visit us at >> [LINK]


InPulsa offers quick procedures, that approximately last 15-20 minutes, high patient comfort and satisfaction – no anesthetics required and most patients notice and improvement after a single treatment, and no recovery time – this is a non-invasive treatment meaning patients can go straight back to their daily routine. To view more benefits, click >> [LINK]


Clinical evidence has shown that the use of acoustic shockwave technology promotes the restoration and development of blood flow leading to increased function in the treated area. This technology targets tissue, new blood vessels, and increased circulatory response leading to effective healing. This eliminates surgeries, pills, or injections that was previously required.

Press Release

Press Release: [INSERT HEADLINE]

Check it out to learn more about whats new at our practice. [INSERT LINK]

InPulsa Popular Hashtags

Including hashtags in your social media post captions helps to categorize your content by topic and feed your post to the right people. Hashtags give the algorithm a head start to understanding what your social media post is highlighting.

Copy and paste relevant hashtags from the bank below at the end of your social caption to help boost engagement and reach.

#ShockwaveTherapy #plantarfasciitis #cellgrowth #inflammationreduction #collagenproduction #tenniselbow #tendonitis #connectiveissueinjury #cellulite #painmitigation #rohreraesthetics #inpulsa